Products I Hoard Part 2: Fake Eyelashes

Products I Hoard Part 2: Fake Eyelashes

I’m actually pretty good about wearing my fake eyelashes, so it was a surprise to me when I started packing up my beauty products that I have so many! Throughout the years, I’ve graduated from wearing the individuals to full strips.

The first time I wore fake eyelashes was for my friend Shawna’s wedding. I went with the individual flares that were untrimmed. I tried to have another bridesmaids trim them once I had them on, but she was too scared to get close to my eye with scissors. (Good call on her part!)

Now, I’ll pretty much wear falsies whenever I have an evening out, be it with my girlfriends or my hubby. They add that extra oomph to your look in photos, which we all know are inevitable these days.

Best Fake Eyelashes 

Individual lashes like the Ardell ones are an easy starting place for beginners. You can add a few flares at the outer corners and save yourself the pain of getting a lash strip in place in one attempt. Plus, you can find them at any drugstore and they’re super cheap.

My current faves are the Sephora Flutter lashes that are a half strip of lash. They add just the right flirtiness to any makeup look and because they are halfsies, they are a cinch to apply.

sephora lashes


My all time faves have been the Lancome Show by Alber Elbaz (no longer available). From looking at them nestled in their box, I didn’t think the graphic angles would look good on, but they are seriously just about perfect. I have about two or three more uses left in these babies, so I’m saving them for a special occasion.

Lanvin-lancome lashes

Not sure how to apply fake eyelashes but ready to give it a try? Check out this vid from MAC Cosmetics–which also makes damn good lashes. For a special night out, stop by one of their stores to have them applied.

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