Products I Hoard: Facial Sprays

Products I Hoard: Facial Sprays

With my move a few weeks away, I’ve been cleaning out my beauty closet, vanity and every other little nook and cranny where I stash products. I find that there are several types of products that I hoard and will feature them for the next few weeks. Up first–facial sprays.

Why I Love Them

A quick spritz with a facial spray is like a mini trip to a spa. Many smell delish, they offer instant hydration, make your moisturizer more effective and can make your makeup last longer.


When Do I Use Them?

On days when my skin is feeling dry and my makeup is looking flaky, I use the MAC Fix + Lavender Skin Refresher/Finishing Mist. I’ll spritz it on when all my makeup is done, save for my mascara, and then gently tap on a second application of moisturizer with my palms (I always apply moisturizer as my first step on a clean face.)

I like a spritz in the evening after washing my face and before applying night cream. It’s the job of moisturizer to lock in hydration so it makes sense to make sure your skin is well hydrated first. I usually use the Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Smart Spray spray for this job. I keep it in my bedroom so it’s handy.

When I fly, I always appreciate a facial mist. I generally use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir. It’s the right size and it smells almost minty, which is refreshing on a long flight. I’ve passed this one down the aisle to strangers–it’s that popular.

Why Don’t I Use Them More?

My biggest impediment to using facial sprays more frequently is mascara. Once it’s on, I try to stay away from anything that might make it run and that includes facial sprays.

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