Priscilla Queen of the Desert Review

Thanks to Swarovski, we had the opportunity to catch the Saturday night performance of Priscilla Queen of the Desert on Broadway. It’s a fun-filled romp that follows three drag queens on a road trip across Australia. The costumes were created by Tim Chappel and Lizzy Gardiner, the same folks who won the Oscar in for the costumes from the film in 1994. (Lizzy, as you may remember, wore a dress she made out of American Express gold cards to that year’s Academy Awards.) The duo must be the shoo-in for this year’s Tonys as there are countless costume changes including Divas, a Tina Turner impersonator, Madonna, and giant cupcake dresses to name a handful.

It would take too long to note all the fabulousity in this show: the giant disco ball, the techno-color Priscilla bus, the over-sized Swarovski-sequined Manolo Blahnik atop Priscilla and the out of this world costumes. But what we loved the most was all the scantily clad boys who were shaking their groove thing through the first act (you can catch a glimpse of what we’re talking about about 10 seconds in on the left side of the video above). The boys are still there in Act 2, but, unfortunately, are wearing more clothes.

Most of the songs in Priscilla are familiar crowd pleasers, including with “It’s Raining Men”, “Material Girl”, “I Say a Little Prayer”, and “I Will Survive”. The story is sweet as the lead Tick/Mitzi, played by the hunky Will Swenson, frets about meeting his young son for the first time and fellow drag queen Bernadette falls in love. A few of the jokes were over our straight heads, though it may have been related to the Australian accents and not our sexual orientation.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert would make a great first stop on a bachelorette party or a birthday night out in NYC. All those nearly naked boys are far hotter and more entertaining than at any strip club we’ve ever been to.

The only thing we missed was the Manolo necklace charm that we wrote about previously. We thought it would be on sale in the lobby, but none of the clerks knew what we were talking about. We’re investigating…

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