How to Pose for a Photo

How to Pose for a Photo


You’ll hardly ever see a photo of us without a hand on a hip, but even we learned a thing or two from these tips from Chris Schoenbohm Co-Founder of Viewfinder, a new app to help organize your iPhone photos. Read on to learn how to never take a bad photo again:

Never shoot at low angles. Most people think shooting from a lower angle pointing up will give the perception of height, however the result is usually a distorted image. In some instances, the distortion will actually add weight to your subject—and no one wants that!

Keep your subject away from anything tall. Never place a shorter person next to a taller subject, whether it be a person or item. The difference in height is the first thing a person’s eye will be drawn to in your photo. You’d be surprised how tall a subject will appear in a photo without anything else to compare a person’s height with.

Think about clothing. Clothes with vertical stripes and a uniform colored outfit will always make your subject look taller. High heels are a must.

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Photograph at eye level or above for portraits. This will help avoid the dreaded double-chin effect and everyone loves a nice, sexy jawline.

Soft light is flattering light. It’s easy and pleasant on the eyes and compliments soft facial features nicely. Examples of soft light are places indoors next to window or outdoor shade protected from direct sunlight.

Figure out your subject’s best profile. We all have a better side. Knowing which one is which on your subject’s face can change EVERYTHING. Take a few test shots and look at the results. That’s the beauty of a digital camera or smartphone.

Have fun. You can be an expert at posing your subject, but if your subject isn’t having fun, it’s impossible to get a great shot. Tell a joke, ask your subject to do something silly, or make a sexy face. It’s important to get them to loosen up. Especially with an app like Viewfinder which allows you to share a pic with a select group of people, a great picture of your subject laughing is just as good as the pic that makes her look skinny.

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