Poker Lesson Las Vegas

On our recent trip to the Palazzo, we took a poker lesson with the adorable Birgit. Here’s what we learned:

1. The poker room is the place where all the guys hang out. While they might not notice you unless you’re laying down a pair of aces and they might not be the cutest guys in the casino, the poker room is 99.9% men.

2. Never let the other players see your cards. While this may seem obvious, it’s harder to take a peek than you might think while sitting shoulder to shoulder at the table.

3. That even if you’re as adorable as Birgit, poker players in the U.S. don’t tip as well as they do in Austria. Shocking!

4. As a novice, joining a tournament with at $50 pot is a fun way to learn the game. You won’t lose more than the $50, but you’ll likely get to play for hours. The downtown Vegas casinos typically have lower limits than those on the strip.

5. That red nails rock in any city. Birgit prefers China Glaze polish.

6. Don’t take a poker lesson after a 2 1/2 hour sake-tasting lunch if you really want to learn the game!

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