A Peek Inside Bobi Designer Kara Lusardi’s Carry On Bag

We recently had the chance to peek inside Kara Lusardi, the founder of Bobi Los Angeles clothing line. (If you ‘haven’t checked it out yet, get on it! The casual, yet fashionable pieces are perfect to travel in—and pack!)


Here's what Kara always travels with:

What type of carry on bag do you use?

I always have a small black carry on for my important shoes and clothing that I don't want to check in, and of course my portfolio Marc Jacobs bag in black, which is full of magazines, snacks and toiletries.

What are some of your must have beauty products for your flight?
I never wear makeup on flights to keep my face as fresh as possible and
I always moisture up my face extra well since the flights dry my skin out. I carry on my Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Crème which is super hydrating , as well as my Carmex lip balm.

Carmex original flavor squeeze tube


I also drink tons of water during the flight.I always carry antibacterial wipes and I'm constantly cleaning my hands and the TV screen ect.

 What type of sweater or wrap do you usually wear?

I bring my bobi long cashmere terry babydoll  hoodie. Its so warm it acts as a blanket for me and fits over everything!

Bobbi hoodie

What magazines do you usually read? Or do you have a favorite recent book?

My favorite magazines are Lucky and Marie Claire. I love them because they are realistic and geared toward shopping.
Right now Im reading "Success through Stillness" by Russell Simmons (great for this busy girl to learn to keep the stress out of my life)

Any favorite music to listen to on the plane?
I love hip hop and alternative rock. On the plane I actually watch movies though, it's one of my only times to relax.


Check out Bobi at Revolveclothing.com!

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