Palm Springs – a Hot Destination?

Viceroy Palm Springs

JSG has been to Palm Springs a surprising amount for an east coast girl–around four or five times. But still, we were pretty shocked to see the desert city landed the cover of February’s Condé Nast Traveller. See, most of our trips were actually work related–we don’t think we would head to this sleepy town by choice.

As author Adam Platt (also the food critic for NYMag) states in the story, “Sunny Daze”:

Palm Springs is a refuge, a place for ultra-public personalities to disappear for days, weeks, or even years at a time, to realign their senses and get their heads screwed on straight.

Maybe that’s our problem–we’re not screwed up enough to appreciate the town as a refuge. Even though Palm Springs has breathtaking scenery (one of our trips was for a photo shoot), a gorgeous Viceroy Hotel (above), sister property to the Santa Monica branch, and the visually intriguing Parker Hotel (below), built on a former Merv Griffin estate, it’s just too slow for our tastes. There’s not much in the way of nightlife, shopping (unless you drive to the Desert Hills Premium Outlets) or even cuisine (a point Mr. Platt glazes over in his piece. Curious omission for a full time restaurant critic. Let’s blame it on his editor.)

Is it just us, or are we missing something?

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