Our New Favorite Moisturizer

Our New Favorite Moisturizer

Last month JSG was treated to a facial with Aida Bicaj featuring Biologique Recherche products. Aida’s facial was awarded “Best Lifting Facial” by the editors at New York Magazine, and with good reason. The facial uses electrical current to firm and lift facial muscles and increase circulation. Aida gave our skin a diagnosis that finally made sense: Our skin is oily on top and dry underneath. That could at long last explain how our breakouts and our fine lines coexist so happily.

Immediately post-facial our skin was noticeably plumper and glowing. Our only word of caution: We smelled like a brewery. There’s a lot of yeast in the products, which definitely got in our hair. We couldn’t wait to take a shower afterward.

Since the facial, we’ve use the Lait VIP O2; Lotion P5OV ( a toner that tingles just enough to let us know it’s really working) Purifyig Face Cream and VIP O2 Oxygenating and Energizing Fluid. Our skin has never been softer, our flakiness and dryness are under control, as our our breakouts. It’s also the first time we’ve ever looked forward to using a product line in the A.M. Usually we just swipe toner across our face and call it a day, but the Biologique Recherche products really prep our skin for the makeup to follow.

No wonder Elizabeth Berkley is a fan! Biologique Rechercher is available online.

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