Our First Girls’ Trip

couple in bed

Ocean City, MD: home to crabs, French fries so good they’re worth waiting an hour in line for under the blazing sun and scores of drunk teens their first couple of weeks out of high school. JSG was no exception and this was well before we learned the value of swank hotels, sunscreen and sleeping no more than 4 people per room max. The Graduatesis a low, low, low budget film about a group of guys on their “Senior Week” in the east coast O.C.

You can watch the first four-minutes on the movie’s website and while it feels like a fairly predictable and has some truly offensive language, it did make us a bit nostalgic for Jell-O shots, Aloe Vera and the smell of saltwater taffy and iron on t-shirt shops.

Good luck, finding a distributor, boys!

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