Ouidad Color Sense Hair Care

Ouidad Color Sense Hair Care


Ouidad is known as the curly hair specialist and their new line of hair care is targeted for those with curls who also color their hair. Since curly hair is often dry to begin with (and dry, curly hair is frizzy!), color complicates that by stripping the hair cuticle, leaving it weak and prone to breakage. I struggle keeping my ends from looking like straw, which means washing my hair less than I would like. Ouidad’s shampoo removes mineral and product build-up and also contains a UV block to protect hair from sun damage and color fading.

Use Ouidad’s Color Sense Color Preserving shampoo, conditioner and shine enhancer to keep your hair as soft and shiny as the day you left the salon. The gentle lather won’t disrupt your curls. The shine enhancer is a bonus since curly hair has a more difficult time reflecting light than straight hair.

Ouidad Color Sense hair care is available at Ulta.

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