Oscar Fashion

Oscar Fashion

Red carpet fashion didn’t disappoint last night. The Best Actress winner and our favorite was Kate Winslet (why save the best for last) wearing a two tone, steel blue and black, YSL dress. Her hair was back and off her face in a “modern Grace Kelly” coif. Check back later today for the details of her hair and makeup.

Kate Winselt at Oscars

A close runner up was Natalie Portman in an orchid Rodarte gown. The photo doesn’t do justice to the perfect fit and color that was pink without being too sweet.

Natalie Portman at Oscars

There was a good amount of red last night. Amanda Seyfried’s hair and chunky necklace complemented the clean lines of her Valentino dress.

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Amy Adams at OscarsHeidi Klum has been wowing us this awards season; but not last night. Her modern Roland Mouret gown was too hard and the slit too high. Her chunky jewelry (huge earrings and too many bracelets) was over done and the matchy shoes looked prom-ish.

Heidi KlumThe were a lot of light colored dresses as well. Anne Hathaway, who knows how to work the carpet, wore a silvery Armani Prive gown covered in little silver paillettes which fit perfectly and flattered her pale skin and dark hair.

Anne Hathaway at Oscars Taraji P. Henson wore a Cavalli gown with small soft tiers of fabric. Her perfect bob and chunky necklace (which looks the same as Amanda Seyfried’s) were a great match.

 Taraji P. Henson at OscarsJessica Biel caught serious slack on Twitter for the sloppy hair; but at a distance and in pictures we think it looks good. Her Prada dress is attractive; but has just a bit too much volume and covers her fab figure, which sparked preganancy rumors throughout cyberspace.Jessica Biel at Oscars

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