Operation Lose the Baby Weight: My Workout

Operation Lose the Baby Weight: My Workout

I finally went back to the gym after 7 months the week before New Year’s Eve—figured I would get a jump on all those New Year Resolutioners.

It wasn’t the first time I worked out post-baby, I have been doing the Exercise Sportskool on my on demand. Not familiar? Exercise Sportskool is on Channel 1023 on Time Warner and has exercise videos you can do at home. Granted, I don’t love working out at home. I don’t have a ton of space and my dog will occasionally interrupt me because he thinks I’m playing some kind of fun game and he wants to join in. I’ve found two Pilates classes I like and one yoga. They’re all about 30 minutes and since I’m doing them from home, it’s really hard to find an excuse not to do them. Best of all, my son is entranced watching me exercise. I like to think that I’m setting a good example for him and starting him on the path for a long and active life.

But since I’m getting serious about losing the last 10 pounds, I realized it was time to up my workout game. I belong to the local Planet Fitness, which is about as cheesy as they come, because:

  • It’s in the basement,
  • there are no mirrors,
  • there are only one set of free weights, so I’m never sure if I’ll be working out with the 5, 7.5 or 10 pound weights
  • Sunday morning is the only time I can get close to the cable weights
  • It’s loaded with cheesball guys

On the plus side, it’s close and only $10 a month.

My workout routine consists of doing three sets of 20 of:

  • Lunges—walking lunges, side lunges, a lunge matrix and the like
  • Arms—tricep kickbacks, flies, shoulder press, bicep curls
  • Squats—squats with a press, one-legged squats, side squats
  • Another set of arm exercises

I finish off with some bridges with a twist and the Pilates 100, which I read is one of the best exercises for tightening abs.

For now, I’m going twice a week, doing the Pilates or Exercise Sportskool twice a week and walking my dog an hour every day, weather permitting.

I don’t have a scale so I don’t know if I’ve lost any weight just yet. But I do feel better and my hubby says my ass looks higher, firmer and better. I’ll take it!

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