Operation Lose the Baby Weight: Staying Motivated

Operation Lose the Baby Weight: Staying Motivated

It’s been a month since I committed to losing the baby weight–going back to the gym and cutting down on alcohol and some sweets. I would say I’m doing…decently. That’s my shrinking muffin top above. Not too bad for a month, right? This particular pair of jeans is fitting better, although they are still too tight to wear all day long.

While I’m proud of my results, I’ll be the first to admit I could have done better. There was one week when I only made it to the gym once. Between the Arctic Vortex and a couple of sleepless nights when Leopold was teething, I didn’t have it in me.

My new trick for motivating myself on the days I don’t feel like it is to turn my thinking around. For example, if I’m thinking in my head, “I don’t want to go to the gym,” I think about what I do want, instead. I say to myself, “I want to get in shape so I can keep up with my son and to fit in my jeans.” And my wants are stronger than my don’t wants.

As for the Jan Plan and not drinking for all 31 days, well, I fell off that wagon somewhere around the middle of the month. I did drink less than usual and I hope to stick with that. But let’s face it: not drinking is boring.

My February Weight Loss Plan

This month, I want to start going back to classes. I like the variety that comes along with classes and having an instructor there to push me harder and correct my form when needed. I also like working out with others–it’s helpful to see other students and get that competitive edge going. So my plan is to go to a class at least once a week while I continue with my gym weight lifting sessions and at-home Pilates and yoga.

I’ll also be going skiing for two days next weekend. If memory servers, my legs and ass should be pretty sore at the end!

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