On Our Radar: Win a Trip to Cannes with Stella Artois

Win a Trip to Cannes

Cannes actually beats out Sundance on our list of film festivals we’re dying to attend. Now we have a shot–albeit a thin one–thanks to the Stella Artois Jacques d’Azur Can’t Go to Cannes This Year contest. That’s Jacques above, a suave kinda guy who only walked on red carpets (witness the carpeted diving board, above).

Jacques disappeared while was sailing around Tahiti on his yacht ‘Bridgette et Anna’. The last reported radio contact from him was the message “I have come across an undiscovered island. Amazingly all the inhabitants are beautiful women.” His location could not be determined. No further contact was made with him and the extensive search found no sign of Jacques or his yacht.

Stella Artois launched a contest/search for his rightful heir to take Jacques’ place at Cannes this year. The heir/winner gets round trip first class tickets for two, a 2-night stay in a five star hotel, a personally tailored suit or dress for the winner, tickets to an opening or closing gala at the Palm D’Or Awards and exclusive VIP festival screenings and more.

Clear your calendar the week of May 12-23!

To enter, log on to Stella Artois’s Facebook page.

JSG Note: Even if you have no desire to go to Cannes, the video and typewriter at the end are very impressive!

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