On Our Radar: W Miami

On Our Radar: W Miami

Seeing as we’re in the middle of snow-icane 2010, all we can think about is our trip to Miami next week, when we’ll be staying at the new W South Beach. Believe us when we say that with all the new hotels in Miami, making our decision of where to stay was harder than ever!

We most recently spoke about the W back in January during our Beach Week. What attracted us to the hotel, which opened back in July, is its prime beachfront location on Collins Ave., the sexy infinity edge pool and that it’s home to Mr. Chow’s restaurant–always a party scene in NYC–and our favorite Bliss Spa. And the fact that it has 6 different bars sure didn’t hurt either!

It was not a unanimous decision, however.  Our one friend ruled out the W at the get-go because she feared the rooms would be small (as they admittedly are at some branches);  but even the smallest rooms at the W in Miami ring at 500+ square feet. Then we had drinks in L.A. with our favorite travel agent who told us that her clients have been raving about the property, especially the phenom service.

W South Beach Oasis Suite

Once we were finally able to pull some strings and get ourselves a deal on an Oasis Suite, we were sold! Now the only questions left: Where to go for dinner? What clubs to go to? And most important of all, what to pack?

Check back next week to follow us on our trip! We leave Thursday!

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