On Our Radar: Twilight Tour

On Our Radar: Twilight Tour

Twilight Tour

While we’re partial to True Blood and are quick on our way to becoming huge Vampire Diaries fans (we’re solidly on team Stefan), we do understand the appeal of the Twilight series. Edward is, after all, the ultimate romantic hero. And with New Moon‘s release only a few short weeks away, we wanted to let you know about the Twilight Tour to Forks, Washington starting at Seattle’s Hotel Vintage Park, Monaco or Alexis.

Included in the package is a ferry ride to the Olympic Peninsula and then a guided tour through Forks in an adventure-outfitted Mercedes Van or Jeep. You’ll see Twilight Highlights like Bella’s truck and the Forks Police Station. Then it’s on to the Hoh Rainforest, La Push and finally a stop for dinner at Bella Italia in Port Angeles, the scene of Bella and Edward’s first date.

Are tours to Mystic Falls (supposedly Virginia, but filmed in Georgia) next?

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