On Our Radar: The Standard New York

The Standard New York

We have fond memories of The Standard in West Hollywood. A few weeks before our 10th high school reunion we took a trip to L.A. simply for the sole purpose of having a glamorous answer when our former classmates asked what we had been up to recently. (“Oh, I just got back from a trip to the West Coast.”) We laid out by the pool, which has a killer view of the city, drank apple martinis at lunch and flirted with boys from San Diego. If you haven’t been to The Standard, we promise you’ve seen it: It’s where Carrie and the gang stayed when SATC traveled to L.A.

Fast forward to now: The Standard Hotel in the Meatpacking District, along the Highline, opened quietly last month. NY Mag reviewed its architecture and another lucky writer, Sarah Bernard, got to spend the night there. Her report: The views are spectacular, the staff is not only gorgeous, but helpful, too. The downsides: there’s no restaurant or room service just yet and the rooms lack full length mirrors.

The Standard New York

What we’re curious about is the lobby. At the WeHo branch, one could happily curl up on the plush sectional sofa, pretending to read a book and people watch for hours. We’ll make the trek over to the Hudson just as soon as the weather warms up and report back.

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