On Our Radar: the Cancun Beach Recovery Project

On Our Radar: the Cancun Beach Recovery Project

We had a memorable trip to the Ritz-Carlton Cancun last fall (follow the link to see a video slideshow of our trip).  Though the hotel was amazing, its beachfront was somewhat narrow, a result of Hurricane Wilma’s devastation in 2005.  The Ritz-Carlton recently added 300 feet to its beach as part of Cancun’s $71 million beach recovery project.  As a result, the white-sand beach is larger than ever before.  Below are the impressive before and after pictures showing the beach improvement:

This view is identical to the one we had from our suite.  See how narrow the beach was?
 Hotel guests did not have access to the ocean during the recovery project.
Cancun After Beach Recovery

The width of the beach after the recovery project is a remarkable improvement.

As cold as it’s been on the East Coast for the past month, a trip to Cancun is in order!

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