On Our Radar: S Factor: Pole Dancing Lesson Discount

pole dancing class
We were invited to a complimentary pole dancing class at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor the other night- our Vegas bachelorette was mere days away, so we couldn’t turn it down. We entered the class with a mix of excitement and trepidation, which quadrupled when we saw the 6″ stripper heels.

There were nine other bloggers in the class, plus two instructors. Jill, the main teacher, went around and asked all of us our names. To her credit, she remembered them throughout class. She immediately put us at ease, explaining that the class is a safe place, with no mirrors and no boys. She dimmed the lights and we began stretching to candlelight.

The beginning part was similar to yoga and Pilates, with sexier versions of cat and cow stretches, bridges and a super-slow bicycle that left our abs sore for days. Of course, our yoga instructor never told us not to be afraid of touching our vajayjays because, “if you don’t, no one else will.” The early part of the class is done barefoot.

Once we were warmed up, it was time to learn the “S Walk,” a slow and sultry move that we’ve been practicing all over our apartment. Then it was the time we were all waiting for–our introduction to the pole. Jill taught us that no matter what we do on the pole, it’s our dismount that mattered–our butt needed to stick out like “It has eyes and is trying to see across the room” and our boobs needed to stretch in the other direction, like an “S”.

With two women to a pole, we began to learn the Firefly spin, where you wrap your legs around the pole and fly. Jill reminded us that we had probably spun around poles when we were 5 years old in a similar manner so had nothing to be afraid of. We have to admit, we had a BLAST twirling, jumping and spinning around the pole–and we have the bruised shins to prove it!

From there, we strapped on those 6″ stilettos and learned how to do a sexy wall dance we can do at home, since most of us don’t live in fireshouses with easy access to stripper poles. We were a little wobbly simply walking in those towering shoes, but we must have learned something. We did a teaser dance for our fiancé the next morning. Let’s just say he was very, very appreciative.
stripper shoes
Pole Dancing Lesson Discount
We really loved the class and encourage you to try out Sheila Kelley’s S Factor. It was a killer workout, but so much more. It was seriously empowering and made us appreciate our body in a way that we haven’t had time to think about in quite a while. To entice you even more, we’re offering JSG readers a 50% discount for the intro class. When booking, mention code: JET SET. Good through 12/31/09

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