On Our Radar: Our Annual Girls’ Get Together!

Every year, the weekend after New Year’s, we get together with our four best friends for our annual girls’ get together. This weekend is great because the holiday craziness is over and it’s pretty quiet. We met pre-training bra, grew up together in Virginia, and use D.C. as our meeting spot. (That’s our picture in the Hotel Rouge last year.) It started out four years ago as a brunch then morphed into an overnight stay at a hotel. The dynamics change depending on who is preggers and who has young kids, whether the Redskins are in the playoffs (they are again this year—WooHoo!) and if we hit the bars late night or stay in. We visit, exchange racy presents, drink copious amounts of wine (watch out, girls, we’re bringing margaritas this year!), make fun of each other, eat dinner, and finally pass out from all that revelry. But of course, somethings never change at all—like how much fun we have when the 6 of us are all in one room. Shannon put it well when she said, “I really just love getting to see how the women I’ve known longest and best have grown, changed, and yet remained the same friends I’ve loved since childhood.”
This year, we’re headed to the Hotel Palomar, another of the fabulous Kimpton hotels.
We encourage all of you to create your own tradition.

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