On Our Radar: Newport, Rhode Island

Newport Harbor

This weekend we’re headed to Newport, Rhode Island. We have fond memories of the town–the summer after we graduated college we went for a few debaucherous weekends, where we danced and smooched the night away. It has been a few years since then, so we’re excited to hop a flight at JFK to nearby Providence and check it out.

We’ll be staying at Hotel Viking. The hotel was originally built in the 1920s by the good people of Newport so their friends had a place to stay. (What? They didn’t have enough room in those mansions up on Cliff Walk. JSG plans to investigate this tidbit of info). The hotel recently underwent $6.2 million of renovations. More importantly–as far as we’re concerned–it’s home to SpaTerre, which features Balinese and Thai-inspired treatments.

Other pluses: One Belleveue, the hotel’s restaurant features local seafood like lobster (which we hear is at bargain prices these days), oysters and cod, plus 25 wines served by the glass and the hotel is within walking distance from downtown.

Our friend Amber over at BeautyBloggingJunkie who was there a few weeks ago recommends the Black Pearl for its outdoor lunch with fab Champagne and Thai crab cakes. Now if only we knew where to shop…

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