On Our Radar-Chelsea Hotel Atlantic City

Chelsea Hotel Atlantic City

Just because our budgets are stretched tighter than we’ve been known to pack out suitcases doesn’t mean we’re going to quit traveling all together. We’ve already shared our best budget tips for travel and here’s one more to add: Look to a destination that’s close to home. Those on the east coast should give Atlantic City a second look. JSG is — with the holidays seconds away and airfare makes Vegas a no go. We visited Atlantic City last year and had a mixed reaction on the city. So why would we go back? To check out the recently opened Chelsea Hotel.

Situated on the boardwalk, the Chelsea Hotel in Atlantic City is a non-gaming hotel (in regular parlance that means it doesn’t have a casino). Why is this a bonus in a gambling town? Because unlike Vegas, the casinos in AC draw a primarily, um, older crowd dressed in tracksuits. Not the type of people you want to be doubling down with.

The man behind the Chelsea Hotel is Curtis Bashaw of Cape Advisors. He consulted with Matthew Abramcyk and Paul Sevigny (Cholé’s brother) of Manhattan’s still swinging Beatrice Inn, when designing the hotel’s chic 5th Floor club. Like the Beatrice Inn, the 5th Floor has a variety of rooms to wander through, like the Living Room, the Bar, the Game Room and the Terrace Lounge. This would be a great after party spot if you’re in town this Saturday to see Madonna.

Chelsea Hotel Atlantic City

And between now and March 31st, you can book the special recession buster- Rescue package. It includes:
* Overnight stay in Chelsea Luxe room
* Breakfast special at Teplitzky’s for two — a Stephen Starr restaurant
* Two rolls of quarters to be used to try your luck at the slots at the nearby casino, save, or just enjoy “Free Parking”
* Gas re-imbursement (a $50 gift card redeemable for gas for the return trip)
* Unexpectedly pink slipped and need to cancel? “Rain-check” and re-book for another date without penalty
* Priced at $199 per night Sunday-Thursday; $249 per night on Friday and $299 per night on Saturday

We’ll meet you at the bar with the martinis!

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