On Our Radar: Alabama Chanin Workshop

On Our Radar: Alabama Chanin Workshop

Here at JSG, we’re not the craftiest types. Annie can barely read her own handwriting, much less draw an identifiable stick figure, while Hope is a little more artistic and went through a jewelry making phase a few years back.

We do, however, enjoy designing our own T-shirts. On our annual get together with our high school besties last year, we even brought along a stack of American Apparel tees, scissors and a few embellishments. Even though we’re artistically challenged, we are able to create cool and funky tops from basic tees. (See the results below.)

After meeting Natalie Chanin, the designer of Alabama Chanin, at the HBO party celebrating their partnership, we’re ready to take our do-it-ourself tees up a notch.

Natalie is known for reusing fabrics to create gorgeous concoctions, as she did with a stash of HBO tees from Sex and the City, True Blood, Entourage, the Sopranos and Flight of the Concords. That’s Natalie at the top with models sporting two of her shirts. You can buy the Alabama Chanin tees at the HBO store in NYC (they may be available online in the near future. We’ll keep you posted. Or you can call the store at 212-512-7467.) Personally, at $65-$85, we think they’re a bargain, since each tee is a hand-designed one of a kind.

Lucky for us, and other crafty JSGs out there, Natalie is generous enough to share her secrets, both in her book, Alabama Stitch Book, and in her day and weekend long workshops. We’re seriously considering hitting up the one in Richmond, May 15-17. Wanna join in?

Don’t forget to enter our contest to win a Smythson jewelry roll!

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