New York City’s Provocateur

Provocateur in NYC’s Meatpacking District Gansevoort is serving up cocktails created by Scott Vincent Borba, the founder of the Borba skincare line–Borba makes those yummy gummy bear vitamins. Each cocktail is meant to address a specific skincare issue like firming, anti-aging and hydration (no idea how a cocktail can pull that one off!).

Further adding to the hip factor, the mini leather sheath dresses the waitresses wear were created by Rag and Bone. If you like them, they can be special ordered at the nearby Rag and Bone store in the West Village. Apparently Rag and Bone designed the uniforms from the staff at the Turks and Caicos Gansevoort, but we’ve been and we really don’t remember them. Of course, we were on our honeymoon, so our eyes were focused elsewhere.

Smart money is on Provocateur being the site of many a fashion week party!

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