New Women’s Trench from ScotteVest

red trench coat

If you’ve read our blog long enough, you know what big proponents we are of carrying on your luggage. It saves you checked bag fees, time by avoiding the luggage carrier, and you’ll never be without your favorite LBD because the airline lost your luggage.

Scottvest takes it to another extreme by designing clothes that have so many hidden pockets, you can pack your clothes and amenities right in your jacket. Fully packed they are comically bulky; but the airlines don’t have a response yet to this crafty way of getting around the luggage issues. Until now we haven’t been impressed with the styles of the tops, vests and jackets for women; but their new trench coat is a huge improvement. It’s available in four versatile colors: the red is a beaut, the periwinkle great for Spring and Summer and the black and tan good for those of you who don’t want your coat making a bright color statement.

Until we have the chance to try one of these jackets ourselves, you can read K.D. Summer’s trial as seen in the Washington Post.

Price is $130 at ScotteVest.

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