New Versions of Old Favorites

New Versions of Old Favorites

We have our favorite beauty finds and when they have spin offs, our interest is peaked. We see more than our share of new products; but these have us running to the beauty counter.

Laura Mercier compactNothing can take the place of Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer; but we’ve had more than one tube leak on a plane flight. Laura’s new Tinted Moisturizer Creme Compact solves that problem. We plan on packing this baby for Jazz Fest. The solid comes with a sponge compartment and SPF 20. $45

Clinique CC creamWe love the light, gel formula of Clinique’s Moisture Surge lotion which is perfect for warm weather. Now Clinique is offering a Moisture Surge CC Cream in six shades with SPF 30. We give extra points to products that do multiples- this one hydrates, brightens, protects and gives natural coverage. $35

Pantene BB CremePantene conditioner is a go-to drugstore purchase- and woman-to-woman, guys dig the smell of your hair from Pantene. Their latest Ultimate 10 BB Creme is an all in one leave-in conditioner, styler, frizz tamer, heat protector and more. It’s my new secret base layer before styling. For $5.00 you won’t feel guilty using handfuls of it.

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