Natural Sleep Aids

You think it would be easy: no kids, no responsibilities and a few cocktails every night, but between all the stress of travel, changing timezones and occasionally loud roommates, falling asleep on vacation isn’t always as easy as you might think. We’ve recently stumbled across two natural sleep aids that really work, even for chronic insomniacs like us.

natural sleep aid

First up is Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Sound Sleep. It contains lavender and chamomile essential oils to encourage restful sound sleep. You roll a little onto your wrists before bedtime and you’ll be asleep before your head hits the pillow. It sells for $10 and Bath & Body Works’ stores and online.

natural sleep aid

For a solid one-two punch at counting sheep, partner it with a spritz of Sprayology’s SleepEase under your tongue. This homeopathic remedy includes valeriana (valerian root), passiflora (passion flower) and our old friend chamomile. It’s available online and at J.W. Marriot spas.

When you order it, you may also want to put Sprayology’s Party Relief Spray in your basket. It has activated charcoal to ease those dehydration headaches; dandelion plant for upset stomach and nausea and St.Mary’s thistle to protect the liver. (We’re buying this one, in bulk!)

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