Myvu: the Personal Media Device

Myvu: the Personal Media DeviceYeah! Another great way to avoid conversation with your airplane neighbor. Introducing Myvu, a personal viewing device. These space age shades play videos from your iPod, they weigh practically nothing, they have an 8 hour battery life, and they start at $199. We’d say they’re easier to tote than a laptop for video, easier to watch than our iPod screen, and you don’t have to rely on the airplane for your movie selection. Finally, we’ll be able to catch up on all those episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Weeds; not to mention you can rent movies from iTunes for $3.99 (we’ll be seeing Will Farrell’s Semi-Pro soon). Unfortunately, these may look just cutting edge enough to attract some attention; but we JSGs are used to that.

To experience what wearing Myvu is like at the airport, click here.
Happy travels!

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