Make a Great Entrance

First impressions are always important, that logic isn’t lost on fine hotels. The best lobbies are serving up more than registration. On our recent annual get together at the Hotel Palomar, in D.C.,, two girlfriends separately said the same thing about the lobby: How special and glam they felt walking into the chic and sophisticated two story entrance. In addition to marble floors and a cozy fireplace, The Palomar, like the Sagamore in Miami, showcases a revolving art collection, in the Palomar’s case through its partnership with the Smithsonian and the Phillips Collection.

Another bonus to a fab lobby: many become lounges when the sun goes down, the Delano even had the red rope out last time we were in town. JSG often picks hotels based on the nightlife, and why not? It’s the perfect spot to relax, have a cocktail, visit with friends, and people watch. Plus, no pesky cab rides home, just head upstairs–always a plus if one member of the group is more of an early bird than the others.

Hotel lobbies are also the perfect meeting spot even if you’re not a guest. Hotels are easy to find on a busy street, their doors are open to the public, and there’s plenty of comfy seating, when you need a breather. They’re also the perfect pit stop if you’re about town because their ladies rooms are so reliable.

The front desk may be first place you go upon check in, but stop and take a look around, your hotel may have much more to offer.

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