My 6-Day Blowout

My 6-Day Blowout

One of my special talents is making a blowout last. Going to the salon for an hour a week is a HUGE timesaver, IF you know how to make it last. Before we get started, it’s worth noting that this was a week in January when it was very dry. Summer’s humidity makes keeping your hair looking respectable infinitely harder. Also, I wasn’t doing any hardcore, sweaty workouts (i.e. Soul Cycle), but did exercise with some light weights and practiced yoga. Here's how I do it.


Day One
I got my color done and had a blowout at Sally Hersberger salon in New York. My stylist used the Sally Hershberger 24K Root Envy Ultimate Root Boost on my damp roots before blowdrying my hair with a round brush. He used a large curling irons on the end before finishing with a blast of hair spray. I'm a big fan of the right products, which for me means anything volumizing--root lifts, mousses, etc. And I always insist on a hit hairspray, because as a child of the 80s, I simply don't feel done with out it.

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Day Two
I actually prefer the way my hair looks on day two of my blowout. It looks a little less "done" and feels more natural. I haven't used any additional products at this point. At night I twist it up as if for a single ponytail and secure at the front of my head with my favorite Goody plastic clip (see below). I release it and run my fingers through in the morning, but as a rule I don't brush it. For me, I find that brushing can make my hair frizzy.

make a blowout last a week

Day Three

Before going to bed on the night of day two, I'll blast my roots with dry shampoo. I'm currently using the DryBar Detox Dry Shampoo. I like to use it in the evening to preemptively absorb any sweat or oil my scalp produces during the night. After, I twist my hair up in the same clip. I do try to fasten it on a different place on my head to make sure I'm not getting a bend in a particular spot and so it doesn't irritate my scalp.

Day 3 of blowout

Day Four

This really is a different day, even though my hair and makeup look virtually the same.

day four of blowout

Day Six

Looks like I forgot to take a photo on Day Five, but trust me, it looks virtually the same as day three and four. On the night of day five, I switch things up from my trusty clip and put my hair on top of my head in a high bun, wrapping it with a cloth band. The result is more waves. You can see the build up of dry shampoo on my hair as it's starting to look dull, even in the sunlight. But not bad for day six of a blowout!


make a blowout last


My Top Tips for Making a Blowout Last

  • It's essential to start with a good blowout. Sadly, I am not a master of the DIY blowout, but I do know what works for me. I ask for lift at the roots and waves at the end.
  • Stay away from oils and pomades, unless you have super coarse hair. They will shorten the life of your blowout.
  • Use dry shampoo at night, not the morning. We tend to sweat more while sleeping, so if you use it at night, it will help absorb that sweat and oil before it has time to dampen your blowout.
  • Find a clip that works for you. I'm obsessed with these Goody Ouches Flex Barrettes and have bought what I hope will be a lifetime supply.

goody barrettes


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