Madonna and Louis Vuitton

We thought it was just us, but over the past few days, our friends have been discussing on Facebook the Madonna and Louis Vuitton ads, shot by Stephen Meisel. Basically, while we love Louis Vuitton and photographer Meisel, we’re all pretty over Lady M. The discussion started when our friend Jenna changed her status to “Is with heavy heart over Madonna,” which prompted friends to ask why. Jenna is disappointed in the Madonna and A-Rod relationship. (JSG is, too. You don’t cheat on your husband with a man who is expecting a baby with his wife.) The thread soon moved on to the Louis Vuitton ads. All of us feel that it’s time for Madonna to put on a pair of pants. We give the woman credit, she is in phenomenal shape for 50, but at this point — we know she works out and follows a strict diet, and, guess what, we’ve known that for the past decade. As a result, the ads feel stale. Madonna–it’s time to reinvent yourself. Stop trying to be someone in her 20s and show us what a fabulous 50 year old looks like. Not to mention that outfit makes her look like she’s a former circus acrobat on the run.

That slouchy Louis Vuitton bag on the other hand is totally TDF.

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