LVMH Bike In Style Challenge

LVMH Bike In Style Challenge

LVMH bike in style challenge
We’re avid cyclists, so we totally relate to Renaud Dutreil, chairman of LVMH North America, when he says, “There is one big dilemma for bike commuters. It is style. There is simply very little bikewear out there that allows you to go fashionably from the street to the office.”

Um, Renaud, the street to the office is only the start of the problem. No woman wants to go to brunch, the farmer’s market or even across the street in those tight a** shorts. We’ve fantasized about creating a line of sleeker cycling clothes for years and are please that LVMH is on the case.

LVMH sponsored the “Bike in Style Challenge” in partnership with F.I.T. where they asked students to design a poncho, jacket and travel bag for cyclists. The winner, Jessica Velazquez, will have her designs developed into a prototype, but there’s no plans to produce them just yet. Those are her sketches shown above.

Our questions: Why weren’t shorts part of the line? Though we appreciate that the tops are long enough to cover our bums, the shorts are the main reason we hate our cycling gear. Yes, we know, that they have to be that way for function, but can’t anyone come up with a better solution? And what happened to the helmets? Helmet head is another serious downside to the sport.

At least we can bicycle while on vacation!

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