Low Trash Month: SodaStream Review

Low Trash Month: SodaStream Review

I have to admit, I am a full on seltzer addict. I will easily drink a liter a day, if not more—I just love the bubbles. I simply just don’t drink flat water as much.

I invested in a SodaStream, an at home seltzer/soda maker about a year ago. The company makes the claim that for each one sold, 2,000 plastic bottles are not used. The recycling rate for plastic bottles is not great, according to Earth911.org it is around 27 percent. That means almost 3/4 of all plastic bottles end up in the trash. Yikes!

I stored my SodaStream when we started our renovations (we didn’t have a kitchen sink) and only recently brought it back out. The SodaStream is easy to use. I add orange essence (also sold by SodaStream) to mine for a touch of calorie-free flavor.

Seltzer maker

If I'm being honest, I don't totally love the seltzer from my SodaStream. The carbonation disappears pretty quickly and I always add a lot. I don't think I'm saving much money. If go through a CO2 cartridge in about a month. They cost about $16 at Williams Sonoma or Bed, Bath & Beyond to replace. My favorite Adirondack Seltzer is $6.99 for a case of 12, so I'm only saving a few dollars a month. It's also annoying to have to carry the CO2 cartridge on the subway to exchange at the store.

BUT, all that being said, I know I'm doing a good thing for the earth by not consuming all those plastic bottles. All I have to do is look at photos like the one at the top that shows how many bottles a family of four goes through in two years and I feel better about drinking my less bubbly seltzer. Plus, it is definitely nice that I can make fewer trips down to the basement where our building's recycling goes.

The SodaStream gets filed under a change I'm happy to make.

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