Low Trash Month: My New Must-Haves

Low Trash Month: My New Must-Haves

In an effort to cut down on my trash production, I have a few reusable items that I won’t leave home without (I’m not carrying them all at the same time, fortunately.)

1. Baggu reusable bag. Plastic bags are often considered public enemy number one when it comes to reducing one’s trash—they account for 5 percent of the litter on our beaches and waterways according to Ocean Conservancy. Did you know that many cities, including Toronto, Baltimore, Chicago, Bronwsville, Texas, the state of Hawaii, and many countries, including Ireland and China, have banned plastic bags? Yes, China, that stalwart of eco-friendly policy.

Making sure I have my Baggu bag in whatever handbag I’m using before I leave the house has become second nature to me, like checking to see if I have my wallet, sunglasses and favorite lip gloss.

2. Reusable coffee thermos. Probably the hardest thing for me to give up (and the item I cheated the most for) was my iced coffee. Drinking hot coffee on a 90+ degree day is just no fun. I used my thermos for hot coffee on most days. At least the pay off is high—I enjoyed not tossing a paper coffee cup, plastic lid and cardboard holder every day.

3. Reusable plastic cup and straw. When all that hot coffee got too much for me, I finally invested in a reusable plastic cup and straw from CVS (It was on sale for $3.75.) Depending on how busy they were, most delis were amenable to my using my own cup.

4. Water containers. When I need a lot of water, like when I head to the gym or on a road trip, I used my larger Sigg container for water. When I wasn’t sure if I would be drinking water or didn’t want to carry a heavy container, I used my Vapur plastic water bottle with a handy clip. It weights practically nothing and is small enough that I even snuck it into a Yankees’ game. Bonus: I saved a lot of money not having to buy water from the concession stand.



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