Low Trash Month: Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

Low Trash Month: Eco-Friendly Poop Bags

Undoubtedly one of the least sexiest things to talk about during all of low trash month—but surprisingly one that more than a few friends have asked me about—is what I’m doing about poop bags for my adorable dog Spencer (that’s him, above). Well, I’m happy to tell you that even Spencer and his poop can get in on low trash month.

A friend introduced me to Eco Dog Planet Waste Bags. They are made with tapioca starch; many other eco-friendly poop bags are made with corn. The advantages of tapioca, according to the press release:

“Tapioca root is easy to grow and doesn’t require the use of fertilizers, pesticides or large amounts of water. It also absorbs high levels of carbon dioxide, so not only are the bags better for the environment; growing tapioca is better for the environment.” 

What really sets the Eco Dog Planet bags apart for me is that they will biodegrade in regular trash (i.e. landfills), while other bags will decompose, it’s only if they are in compost. Given that dog poop is a no-no in the compost pile, this makes no sense to me. You want a bag that can go in your regular trash.


I also like that the bags have a nice feel, they’re almost silky to touch; they are big, so I can tie them closed when they are full and they are opaque so I don’t have to look at what I’m holding.

Check out the bags at EcoDogPlanet.com.

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