L’Oreal and Trish McEvoy Mascaras


For the past few days, we’ve been wearing L’Oreal Double Extend mascara. We were excited to get our hands on one of the mascaras that work by fusing around each lash creating tubes. The L’Oreal is a two step process, first you apply a white lash conditioner, then the mascara. The L’Oreal lived up to the promises of lengthening our lashes, they were longer than with any other product, and no flaking or smudging. We have problems with raccoon eyes, and this product stayed put all day long. While our lashes were long and separated, we still prefer the thick feathery look that we get from Benefit’s Badgal lash mascara. But another point for the L’Oreal Double Extend is that at night, a few handfuls of warm water and a very light touch were enough to remove the mascara which comes off in tubes. There’s no smearing, and no messy towels or pillows. A possible drawback is the application is tedious especially when we’re rushing in the morning. Overall we’ll keep this mascara in our rotation. Mascara is like lip gloss, it depends on the day which one we feel like wearing. On sale at Ulta for $9.49.


For another look at the tube mascaras, our girlfriend, Meghan, has been wearing Trish McEvoy’s High-Volume mascara for six months, loves it, and has been encouraging us to write a review for a while. Like the L’Oreal it stays on all day (and even all night when she’s slept in it) and comes off with water and no smudging. She’ll apply a coat or two but any more than that and it gets clumpy. Available at Nordstroms for $28.

Curiously, if you research reviews for these two products, you’ll find that women either love or hate the L’Oreal Double Extend. The complaints are that it clumps and doesn’t thicken your lashes. We could only find one person who complained about the Trish McEvoy product (again the clumping). We suspect that what makes the mascara form tubes and stay put, can have a tendency to clump if the product ages. If you have used one or both, we’d love to hear your opinion.

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