How Would You Look with Latisse

How Would You Look with Latisse

A few weeks back, I shared news about the new Botox visualizer app—now you can see what you would look like with Latisse, the lash growth serum, using the new iLAsh Visualizer App. It works in a similiar way, where you upload a photo of yourself, this time with your eye closed. After a few steps, you can get a picture of what your lashes would look like after 16 weeks of using Latisse. Pretty impressive, right?

I can’t use Latisse right now as I’m still breastfeeding, but I can’t wait to use it again. The last time I used it was after I had lash extensions for a few weeks and it definitely helped my lashes grow faster and longer. When I’m using it again, I’ll definitely post results. (Read about Hope’s Latisse experience.)

My only concern with Latisse is that it can be pricey,  $120 for about 40 days worth of solution. I’ve heard that once you get past the 16 week point, you don’t have to use it nightly to maintain results, but I’ve never made it that long myself.

You can sign up for Allergan Brilliant Distinctions Program to receive special offers and earn point, so hopefully that would help a bit. You may also find that your doctor’s office or pharmacy will give you a discount if you buy three at a time.

Find out more about Latisse.

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