Living Proof No Frizz

Living Proof; but hadn’t dished about it because it wasn’t widely available.

The mad (MIT) scientists behind Living Proof found a new way to stop frizz without using silicone. While we can’t lecture about the smaller molecular structure they used, we can tell you how well it works. We tested both the wave defining curl controlling cream (hello sexy beach hair) and the straight making no frizz cream (for a sleek look). Our hair was frizz free under both looks and remained so for a couple of days. No Frizz has a pleasant smell, which isn’t strong at all. Both the wave defining and curl controlling formulas are available three ways: spray for fine hair, cream for medium to thick (perfect for us) and the treatment for thick to coarse hair.

Starting tomorrow (or maybe Friday…) the No Frizz line will be available on the Living Proof website. Sign up to receive information directly from Living Proof. On January 17th, Living Proof will be featured on QVC and by mid-February it will be at Sephora (information on Sephora’s site already). Priced at $24.

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