Lippmann Collection Start Me Up Set

Lippmann Collection Start Me Up Set

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From JSG’s Hope: It’s hard to believe that I haven’t had my nails done since Christmas. Between the two of us, I’m the one who loves to have a weekly mani/pedi (Anne’s the one who gets the blowouts). But in an effort to be more economical I’ve been doing my own nails. Let’s just say, it’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s seen them. That’s why I was so excited to get my hands on this all-in-one Lippman Collection Start Me Up Set. It features everything you need for a do-it-yourself manicure. I start with the 4 sided Smooth Operator Nail Buffer, then the Cuticle Remover, the 2 Second Nail Primer (which rids the nails of oils that might sabotage a good paint job), the Rehydrating Base Coat, the easy to wear but light-for-me Baby Love Nail Lacquer, and the super shiny On a Clear Day Top Coat. I finish with the Cuticle Oil which is out of the recommended order; but it works for me and I love the tropical smell from the jojoba oil.

I just learned Kate Winslet was wearing Baby Love at the Oscars. There’s one more reason to covet the set.

I’ll definitely be bringing this along on our next girls’ trip. The entire kit including the buffer is housed in a cute light blue striped bag and the small bottles fall under TSA volume requirements.

At $39, roughly the cost of a budget salon’s mani/pedi, or a manicure alone at a fine salon, you get all of these products. Considering how many times I’ve used the set, I think I’ve saved up at least enough for a new pair of boots, no?

You can find the Start Me Up Set at Nordstroms or Lippmann Collection.

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