Lip Balm for Your Hair?

Lip Balm for Your Hair?

It may sound odd, but once you hear about the new Kerastase Iris Royal Touche Perfection, you’ll wonder why no one ever thought of the concept of lip balm for your hair before. The cream product moisturizes dry ends and comes in a 1.4 fl. oz. tube that’s easy to stash in your purse for on the go touch ups. It helps tame any frizziness and the Iris Royal Complex keeps ends under control. It also contains UV-filtrs to protect your hair from sun exposure.

To use: Warm up a small dab in between your fibers and gently apply to your ends.

I particularly like the Kerastase Iris Royal Touche Perfection when I’ve heat-styled my hair or I’m due for a trim and my ends are looking a little fried.

The Kerastase Iris Royal Touche Perfection is $35. For more info, check out

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