Lindsey Vonn’s Beauty Advice

Lindsey Vonn

U.S. Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn, is on top of the world, or mountain in her case.  Not only has she placed in just about every major race she’s entered this season, she’s America’s biggest hope for multiple medals in the Olympic games.  We admire her for being incomparably tough on the ski slopes and gorg at the same time.   When an Austrian coach made a snarky comment about her winning the downhill because she weighs more than the rest of the field, Lindsey used it to fuel her competitive spirit and won the next race.  She left yesterday for Vancouver and we wish her the best of luck.

Lindsey lives at the Arabelle Hotel in Vail when she’s not racing.  Last week when we were guests there, we got  a peak at a residence similar to Lindsey’s, and rest assured she’s living well.  In fact, if you’re headed to Vail or planning your own girls’ trip, we highly recommend the guest rooms or the condominiums at the Arabelle as a perfect launch pad for a great day on the slopes.

As far as looking good, Lindsey says, “I’m constantly battling the harsh winter elements and keeping my skin hydrated is extremely important. I love Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream- it works great!”

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*Editors’ note: we just learned that Lindsey injured her shin and is experiencing “excruciating pain” when she puts on her ski boots. She has her first trial run tomorrow and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that she recovers quickly.

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