Lindsay Lohan’s Stylist Gives JSG Hair Tips

By now you’ve probably picked up on the fact that we love ourselves a good blowout. There’s nothing like long, flowing, gorgeous hair to boost our confidence before a girls’ night out or even just an ordinary Monday. We do our best to squeeze an appointment in with one of our favorite hometown stylists, but between mani/pedi appointments, trips to the waxer and a few minutes in a spray tan booth, that doesn’t always happen before we hit the road.

Which means, we often end up with a brand new stylist blowing out our hair. Communicating with someone new about how we want our hair to look can sometimes be a bit tricky. We checked in with celeb stylist and Sunsilk spokesperson Andy LeCompte (he regularly does the tresses of our hair idols Linsday Lohan and Madonna, whose hair he did on Saturday for her 50th birthday party, shown below) for a blowout primer.

Madonna's 50th birthday

It helps to speak the universal language of stylists. So first up, a few words of stylist speak:

: Think Lindsay and her long locks that have wave and bounce at the ends. It’s like a wavy hair, but only at the bottom
Lindsay Lohan
Movement: A loose blowdry without any curl, not so bouncy. This blowdry is done with a big round brush. Think Penelope Cruz’s gorgeous locks on the cover of September Glamour, which Andy styled.

Penelope Cruz Glamour
Flick: Like movement, depending on how much of a flip you want. Andy recommends doing this with a flat iron.

Now that you’re speaking the same language, a few guidelines about directing your stylist, according to Andy:
1. You’ve heard it before, but bring in pictures. Not just of celebs whose style you like, but also of the outfit you’ll be wearing that night. It’s easy to snap a shot on your iPhone or Blackberry. That way, the stylist can get an idea of what look you’re going for.
2. If you are familiar with the product line the salon uses, it’s great to ask the stylist to use your faves, after all, you know your hair better than he or she does. That said, don’t be afraid to try new things and listen to what the stylist suggests.
3. Give suggestions as to the techniques you know work for your hair. For example, Andy says his sister has naturally curly hair. When she has her hair blow out straight, she knows it comes out better if the stylist starts straightening her hair when it’s totally wet—there’s no rough drying for her. So she always asks the stylist to do it this way.
4. Halfway through the blowout if you feel like you’re not getting the look you want, vocalize it. Say something like, “I was hoping for a straighter, sleeker style.” But if the stylist says your hair is going in that direction, chill out and wait to see the results. Odds are, you’ll be happy.

Lindsay photo courtesy of People.
Madonna photo courtesy of The Daily Mail.

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