Lilyette In-Motion Sports Bra

Boy do we need to work out! We have three big trips on our horizon: to Austin to visit college girlfriends, on a cruise (bikini time, oh yes), and the S.O.’s high school reunion in Chicago. We don’t have many hangups but three trips in as many weeks with people we’d like to see us at our best makes us want to strap on the sneeks. Truth is we could use some fresh support too. Enter Lilyette with their In-Motion Sports Bras which come in three styles: Gentle motion for yoga and the like, Power motion for stationary bike-type exercise, and Active motion for running and strenuous exercise. We’re partial to the Gentle motion bra pictured above, the underwire and separated cups would give us the best silhouette under our tanks. (We realize this might not be the most practical approach; but the rubber tire boob look is so ugly!)

Last week the very accomplished and beautiful ladies of the U.S. Gymnastic team appeared at the Women in Sports Gifting Suite at the Waldorf Astoria. That’s Nastia Luikin above and Sean Johnson below.

If you’re interested in winning your own Lilyette In-Motion Sports Bra, send us your email to, your address, your cup size (up to 40DDD) and which In-Motion bra you prefer. Please put Lilyette in the subject line.

Lilyette In-Motion sports bras are available at Macy’s and JCPenney.

Editor’s note: Please send your entries by Friday, October 31st, 2008 and include your mailing address. Thanks!

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