Let’s Go to the Beach!

beachEven though we have a few ski trips planned, we can’t seem to get the image of a warm, sunny beach out of our mind (perhaps because winter weather has finally hit the East Coast). JSG was inspired to plan a last minute fantasy trip.We started at Sidestep.com, which is a great place to find last minute deals to anywhere in the world. We punched in Caribbean vacation deals to the search engine and came up with several options from the Bahamas to Aruba to Puerto Rico, several cruises and the island we decided on: Jamaica. We opted for Jamaica because it’s one of the Caribbean islands with the most culture, has a kickin’ party vibe, good food, including lots of yummy fruits and who doesn’t love themselves a little reggae?

Sidestep turned up a few packages at a variety of hotels. To be on the safe side, we cross referenced our choice on TripAdvisor.com, which features reviews from regular folks who have actually stayed at the hotels. This helped narrow our choices down quickly: we looked for hotels that ranked high with “Young Singles” and “Girls’ Getaways” and low on the “Families With Young Children Front”.

Our pick (drum roll, please): . It will cost us a grand total of $701.55 for airfare, 5 nights hotel, all meals and domestic booze! Some of the reviewers disliked the food and there seemed to be some problem going on with a lack of towels, but the plusses are it’s completely affordable, centrally located within walking distance to the bars, on a beautiful stretch of beach and it’s 83 warm degrees there today.

                                                                                         Who’s coming with us?

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