Latisse Review

Latisse Review

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I’ve tried lash conditioners in the past with modest success. It wasn’t until I used Latisse that I saw significant growth in my lashes. It took eight long weeks and a commitment to using the product regularly. Here was my experience:

What Is Latisse?
Latisse is a prescription only lash enhancer. Originally prescribed to glaucoma patients, doctors noticed that users’ lashes were so long they sometimes had to trim them. Can you imagine?!

How Does Latisse Work?
Latisse works by extending the growth cycle of your lashes, meaning longer lashes. If you discontinue using it your lashes will go back to their regular length (after the nice long lashes have shed). It is supposed to darken your lashes too.

How Do You Apply Latisse?
Apply Latisse using an applicator to the base of your lashes nightly. Once you’ve used it for a significant time and have the results you’re satisfied with, you can go on maintenance using it only a couple times per week.

What Are the Side-Effects of Latisse?
Most people worry about the eye-color-changing warning. Yes, there is a risk that your eye color will get darker; but from my digging around that’s only happened with glaucoma patients who use more of the product directly on their eye. Also, I read carefully and the risk is actually greater for people with brown eyes (I realize this is counter-intuitive), to get darker brown eyes. Light colored eyes are rarely affected. Many women wisely choose not to take this risk, and we don’t blame them.
Note: we are not doctors. Discuss this with your physician first and read all of the enclosed materials!

What Were My Results With Latisse?
After 8 weeks, I have noticeably longer lashes. My girlfriend Rebecca noticed, mentioning that I wasn’t a “lashy girl” before. The color of my lashes does not seem to be darker; but they do seem thicker.

If you’re interested in trying it yourself, you’ll need to visit your physician for an Rx. See for additional information and some impressive before and after pictures. Happy lashes!

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