Laser Hair Removal Giveaway!

Laser Hair Removal Giveaway!

So far in 2010, I’ve tried waxing, shaving, and depilatory creams in an effort to find the best solution for lasting hair removal with minimal effort, cost and side-effects like bumps, in-grown hair or rashes. I finally turned to laser hair removal because I wasn’t satisfied with my other results. I’m excited to giveaway packages to three of you at the Advanced Derma Laser Tech in NYC worth $450 to $600!

I spoke to Jennifer Kandemir, owner and founder of Advanced Derma Laser Tech, about laser hair removal and its benefits.

Jennifer KandemirJennifer began her career as a hair colorist in prestigious salons such as John Frieda and Warren Tricomi. After an unfortunate and scarring experience with laser hair removal, Jennifer set out to find a safe and effective laser for women of color. Some lasers are unsafe, as Jennifer found out personally,  because the laser is attracted to darker pigment. This is also why it is not safe to get laser treatments when you have a tan. Jennifer found two lasers that she uses in her office: the Cutera Nd: YAG laser for women with darker complexions and the Alexandrite by Candela Gentle Laser for lighter complexions.

Here are the most important reasons men and women choose laser hair removal: whether you have unwanted leg, arm, bikini, or facial hair, it is a life-long issue and affects self-esteem. The investment in laser hair removal is less than the cost of a lifetime of waxing and shaving. Laser results in permanent removal of unwanted hair. Hair is usually gone after six treatments, though in some cases patients may need maintenance treatments for stubborn areas. Laser hair removal can finally get rid of ingrown hairs or bumps caused by plucking, waxing and shaving.

We’re excited to offer three JSG readers laser hair removal at Advanced Derma Laser Tech in New York City.  Pick your choice of six sessions of leg, bikini or underarm areas.  The packages are worth $450-$600 each! Women and men are welcome to enter. Here’s what to do: leave a comment below then send your name, phone, and email to  We’ll select three winners on Friday, July 30th, 2010.

Advanced Derma Laser Tech
422 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor
(Bet. 48th & 49th Street)
New York City
(212) 223-2233

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