La Mer: The Eye Balm Intense

La Mer: The Eye Balm Intense

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To say we’re fans of La Mer’s eye cream is an understatement. We’ve used it for years, and only strayed from it when either we’re testing other products or our economic guilt got too strong. You see it works beautifully to smooth and moisturize your tender eye area; but it comes with a hefty price tag- as is true with so many of our favorite things.

The newest release from La Mer is the Eye Balm Intense. It uses the same “Miracle Broth” as their original Creme de la Mer but includes two additional versions: a concentrated form and an encapsulated form. They also added a Marine DePuff Ferment and Lifting Ferment which encourage improvement in the appearance of aging around the eyes. These ingredients work together by first refreshing the eye area (you feel a cool sensation as soon as you apply it), then the eye cream penetrates your skin for lasting effects which include depuffing, lifting and smoothing of fine lines. A silver-tipped applicator comes with the eye cream and is designed to pick up the right amount of product. It doesn’t pull your skin the way a finger does.

We’ve used the Eye Balm Intense for three weeks and appreciate the texture of our skin after using it. We’re hoping the lasting effects will improve those pesky lines which are creeping up these days!

You can find the La Mer Eye Balm Intense on or at Neimans, Bergdorf’s and Saks in October.

This review was based on a sample.

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