Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment

You asked so many really great questions regarding Hope’s experience with the keratin hair treatment, we decided it was time to enlist an expert to answer them all. We sat down with Shuki Almac at the Warren Tricomi salon in New York last week to get the answers.

Q: Will I still have to blow dry and/or straight iron my hair after a Keratin hair treatment?
A: Yes. The Keratin hair treatment prepares the hair for blow drying. The beauty about it is that it makes it easier to style your hair and your style will last longer.

Q: I color my hair. Can I still get a Keratin hair treatment?
A: Yes, but it’s better after you color, because the coloring process may strip out the Keratin. If you get highlights every other month, have the Keratin treatment the month in between. With single process color, it’s not as much of an issue, as the color generally only goes on your roots. But you should still have color first. Either way, the treatment is color safe.

However, one of my clients found that after her hair was color corrected, she lost a lot of the benefits of the Keratin. But my clients who color their hair don’t usually experience problems.

Q: My hair is damaged. Can I still get a Keratin hair treatment?
Yes, because it’s not breaking any bonds. In some cases, it might even help out.

Q: Will my curls go away after a Keratin hair treatment?
A: Curls will typically be loser, but if you have very curly hair, you will still have curl. It’s a great treatment for those with curly hair, because it helps so much with frizz.

Q: Will my waves go away after a Keratin treatment?
It really depends on what you start off with, because that will be the base. Like curls, waves will be loser. If your hair is only slightly wavy, it will be close to straight. As the treatment washes out, your natural wave will return.

Q: How do I care for my Keratin-treated hair?
The same way as you would for color treated hair. Use shampoos that are less stripping. I recommend to my clients that they use shampoos for color treated hair. If you want the treatment to last longer, try to wash your hair less, as it removes the Keratin.

Q: How long will the Keratin Hair Treatment Last?
A: The time frame varies from person to person, but generally it’s three to six months. I depends on your hair type, how often you wash your hair and if you have your hair colored.

Q: Why does the Keratin Hair Treatment Cost So Much?
It’s pricey because it’s a customized treatment that takes about three hours and is a lot of services in one. I usually throw in a trim, because once the hair is so straight, you can really see the cut.

Thanks, Shuki! Readers, we now have Shuki on speed dial, so let us know if you have any other questions!

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The picture on top shows Hope’s hair 8 weeks after treatment. Her hair is light on the frizz but fuller. It still shows no curl. Pictured with Anne on left, Cortney from Daily Makeover and Julia from All About the Pretty.

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