Kate Walsh’s New Billionaire Boyfriend

Kate Walsh’s New Billionaire Boyfriend

I’d love to hate on Kate Walsh because she’s gorgeous and successful and works with Taye Diggs everyday; but she so fun, you can’t help but adore her. Speaking to her about her new perfume, Billionaire Boyfriend, was like talking to my best girlfriend. This may be her last year with Private Practice; but we look forward to seeing where her career takes her.

Kate’s fragrance line is a collection of stories beginning with Boyfriend. All are floral and feminine with a deep finish that hints at your man’s smell that lingers on your skin. Kate described Billionaire Boyfriend as an indulgent, voluptuous, complex floral scent with a masculine base. It reminds her of something you’d find in an exclusive perfumerie in Paris. Billionaire evokes a fantasy of an indulgent boyfriend who lavishes you with jewels and, as Kate said, who needs a millionaire when you can have a billionaire? Even the bottle is decadent with its antiqued mirror finish and crystal touches that were inspired by a vintage champagne bottle.

Kate worked with perfumer Mary Pierre Julien developing Billionaire and it isn’t just another celebrity fragrance endorsement. Kate put in some sweat equity too, like using her friends and co-workers as her focus groups. They actually created Billionaire early when they developed the first Boyfriend; but decided to save it for their second release, which leads me to wonder what the next chapter will bring. Kate will reveal her next Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Billionaire Boyfriend is available at Sephora.com.

Notes: black velvet orchid, bergamot, a touch of patchouli, sandlewood, oriental amber.

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