Kate Moss for Lonchamp – The Faraway Collection

kate moss longhcamp faraway collection

The latest handbag collection, from the eternally chic Kate Moss recently launched at Longchamp. The Faraway collection features three different lines of bags (from left to right): The Faraway Chic “adapts to the hippy deluxe ambiance,” Faraway Exotic was inspired by Kate’s trip to Peru—she brought back fabric samples that inspired the bag; Faraway on the Road is said to “evoke a timeless spirit of adventure” and is one kick ass weekend bag.

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Kate Moss for Longchamp Women - Handbag and luggage : Longchamp.com, $745
Kate Moss for Longchamp Women - Handbag and luggage : Longchamp.com, $575
Longchamp handbag, $1,270

Watch the Faraway mini-movies on Longhamp.com featuring Ms. Moss, the bags and Marrakech, Morocco.

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